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A lower middle class family undergoes a series of challenging and profound changes, reinventing themselves and their family ties along the way.


Brazil / 115 min / 2022

Directed by Gabriel Martins

Cast: Rejane Faria, Carlos Francisco, Camilla Damião, Cícero Lucas, Ana Hilário, Russo APR,

Dircinha Macedo, Tokinho e Juan Pablo Sorín

Academy Museum

Nov 15 - 7:00 PM



The special temperament of having grown up in a different country than that of one of your parents, the feeling of the first journey but also of a ‘return’. Award-winning Karim Aïnouz travels from motherland Fortaleza of Brazil to Kabylia in Algeria, his father’s country. His father was separated from his wife while she was pregnant to fight for Algeria’s independence. And he does that in the form of a poetic journey, a deep memoir-letter to his recently deceased mother.

Brazil / 95 min / 2021

Directed by Karim Aïnouz

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 17 - 6:15 PM



Mônica, Jimmy Five, Maggy and Smudge decide to skip school, but they pretty
quickly find out there'll be some stiff consequences to face. In thai new adventure,
the gang learns the true meaning of friendship.

Brazil / 97 min / 2021

Directed by Daniel Rezende

Cast: Giulia Benite, Marcos Felipe Bojar, Camila Brandão

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 19 - 2:00 PM



On a hot summer day, Paloma decides to fulfill her most cherished dream: a traditional
wedding in a church with her boyfriend Zé. She is a devoted mother, a hard-working
farmhand in a papaya plantation and has been saving to afford the celebration. The priest’s
refusal to marry her and Zé will force Paloma to confront the rural society. She suffers
violence, betrayal, prejudice and injustice but nothing shakes the faith and determination of
this transgender woman.

Brazil / 104 min / 2022

Directed by Marcelo Gomes

Cast: Samya De Lavor, Suzy Lopes, Ridson Reis

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 19 - 9:00 PM



On the border between the real and the fantastic, between the colonial past and the overwhelming modernity of agribusiness, the city of Goiás is the stage of the meeting between the young Fernanda and her secret roots.

Brazil / 100 min / 2022

Directed by Flávia Neves

Cast: Bárbara Colen, Nena Inoue, Eucir de Souza

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 16 - 6:00 PM



A single mother lives with her only son. She can't find him when she returns from work. After a relentless search, she finds out that he was killed by the police and his body is missing. She begins a journey for the right to bury his body.

Brazil / 80 min / 2022

Directed by Cristiano Burlan

Cast: Marcelia Cartaxo, Hélio Cícero, Debora Maria da Silva

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 17 - 8:47 PM



Cowhand Manuel and his wife Rosa flee their
home after he kills a rich local rancher who tries
to swindle him. In the drought-plagued and
violent Brazilian badlands, they meet two
iconic figures: Sebastião, who claims to be
divine, and Corisco, who labels himself

Brazil / 120 min / 1964 – 4K Restoration 2022

Directed by Glauber Rocha

Cast: Geraldo Del Rey, Yoná Magalhães, Othon Bastos

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 19 - 4:00 PM



Simone 23-year-old studies criminal law and advocates for women's rights and at night she performs in front of a live sex cam. One night watching a film awakens her dark impulses for a more dangerous means of sexual gratification.

Brazil / 100 min / 2022

Directed by Júlia Murat

Cast: Sol Miranda, Lucas Andrade, Lorena Comparato

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 16 - 8:25 PM



Filmmaker Ana Petta and doctor Helena Petta follow public health workers in marginalized areas of Brazil as they fight to save lives during the pandemic. With a sensitive gaze, the directors spotlight women facing the greatest challenges of their careers. “Out of Breath” exposes the intersections of race, religion, and class through character-driven cinema vérité.

Brazil / 81 min / 2022

Directed by Ana Petta and Helena Petta

Cast: Manoel Rangel, Pedro Betti, Egisto Betti, Heitor Dhalia

Linwood Dunn Theater

Nov 18 - 9:30 PM



At a time when the far right is ascending to power around the world, the 2020 Brazilian municipal elections saw a surprising and unprecedented record of LGBT candidates. This film follows four young queer politicians during their electoral campaigns and reveals their struggle to affirm their rights to exist and be heard.

Brazil / 95 min / 2022
Directed by Pedro Henrique França

Los Feliz Theater

Nov 19 - 6:41 PM

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